Welcome to Westinghouse Pension Services

Our Purpose


Westinghouse Pension Services is an organization that has been established to provide pension information and administrative assistance to former employees of Westinghouse Canada Inc., whose careers were not associated with the Power Generation businesses.

What We Do

  • Answer all inquiries from plan members regarding their Westinghouse Pensions and any related issues
  • Maintain all member records, process changes such as addresses, banking information
  • Provide pension estimates on request to members who have not yet begun to receive their pensions
  • Initiate pension payments through RBC Dexia for members who wish to begin to receive monthly pensions
  • Assist family members or estate representatives of deceased members with any issues relating to their Westinghouse entitlements.

How To Contact Us

  • Visit our Contact Us page for information on how to contact us by mail, telephone, fax, or email.


Attention: former employees in the United States


  • If you have a pension entitlement based on employment with a Westinghouse division operating in the United States, such an entitlement would be administered by CBS.
  • You inquire about such an entitlement by contacting "CBS and You" at  1-800-581-4222 toll free.